Message from the Secretary

It is my firm and noble intention to utilize the limited physical, human and financial resources of the Maharagama Urban Council and to update and maintain the website of the Council in order to take you to the fast progressing world through modern technological methodologies by continuously providing you with efficient and productive services.

I express my gratitude to you for using this website to reap its benefits.

Message from the Accountant

It is my aim to provide an effective service by managing the limited financial resources with greater efficiency to ensure the economic and social development of the people living in the area of the Urban Council.

Message from the Engineer

It is my objective to provide an efficient and effective service through the implementation of development activities and road development projects in the area by optimally managing the limited human and physical resources adhering to the government policies, laws and regulations. I would like to further state that it is the responsibility of the public to utilize the public physical resources in a careful manner.